General Dentistry

The Clinic is headed by Dr Anjana Viswanath who leads a team of dedicated doctors. The patients are scanned by her and initial diagnosis and treatment is done. ..readmore

Microscopic Endodontics

Our clinic is unique because Our endodontist uses microscope for his single sitting root canal procedure. The enhanced illumination and high magnification helps..readmore


The prosthodontist does the crowns and bridges, and partial and complete dentures. We offer a wide choice of crowns like ceramic with metal,full ceramics ..readmore


Our implatologist has been in this field for over a decade now and has done over 9000 implants; and his expertise in this field is unparalleled. ..readmore


The gum health and hygiene is maintained by the periodontist,reverses conditions like bleeding gums, bad breath and mobile teeth if. ..readmore


Our orthodontist takes care of Children from 7 years and above. If they have mal-aligned teeth he starts the treatment early called Interceptive orthodontics. ..readmore


A new advancement in orthodontics,where the braces is literally invisible.Depending on the severity of the patients mal occlusion,we can opt to . ..readmore

Cosmetic Dentistry

The cosmetologist boasts of this Super Speciality where he can redefine any kind of smile and reconstruct it to make the patient happy and enjoy his or her. ..readmore

Oral Surgery

The surgeon extracts the impacted 3rd molars or wisdom teeth. They can be complicated being covered with gums and bones. Also tooth can be tilted. ..readmore


The pedodontist treats kids upto the age of 14yrs.Multiple procedures like root canal,crowns,fillings etc can be done under conscious sedation in the clinic.. ..readmore

Dental tourism

Patients who want to soak in the nearby sights and sounds of nearby tourist attractions can avail of our custom made tour itenaries.This can be fitted in.. ..readmore


Emphasis is given to sterilization procedures,all the instruments are autoclaved and vaccum sealed.The equipments are cold sterilized.We use disposable products... ..readmore